Architecture and Deployment


This course provides a comprehensive overview of BusinessObjects products and deployment considerations. Experience an "under the hood" examination of a complete Business Objects implementation and working environment and review a road map of the standard deployment procedures.


IT professionals who need to understand Business Objects architecture, deployment strategy, and deployment considerations


  • Attendance on Server Products Admin course or in house experience of Business Objects is recommended.
  • Introduction - Understand what is meant by the terms ‘Architecture’ and ‘Deployment’, and appreciate the importance of deployment decisions on the performance of the system
  • BUSINESS OBJECTS Architecture - Understand the basic purpose of each product in the range and the role that each plays in the overall system architecture
  • The Corporate Database - Understand database connectivity concepts and how the usage of the database affects the deployment decisions
  • The Repository - Understand the concept of the Repository, how multiple repositories work, and how its usage affects deployment decisions
  • Network Architecture Considerations - Understand how different Network Architectures can be applied and understand the factors that influence the choice of Network Architecture
  • Broadcast Agent - Understand the main features of Broadcast Agent, what each components does, and where they should be installed in the system
  • Hardware Considerations - Understand the server machine characteristics that affect system performance, estimate the hardware performance requirements
  • Scoping - Understand how the number of users and the types of activity they perform will affect system performance. Perform user number and activity calculations. Understand how the type , size and number of documents affects system performance Scale the system accordingly
  • Access & Security - Know the methods of applying security to your deployment and understand the pros and cons of each. Know how to apply security using each of the methods
  • The Standard Deployment Procedure - Recognise the different types of deployment and understand the process by which the optimum type of deployment is selected.
Course duration:

1 day

Products Covered
  • BusinessObjects

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