Introduction to BusinessObjects XI Voyager


This course will integrate a combination of instructor-led discussions and interactive workshops to illustrate the use of BusinesObjects XI Voyager product. It is designed to give you the comprehensive skills and knowledge needed to analyze trends and patterns in your data, answer business questions, and share your results by using BusinessObjects™ Voyager. It will focus on the role of OLAP, creating workspaces, building queries, using charts and graphs, role of crosstabs, sorting and filtering, building calculations, creating sub-totals and report breaks, slicing and dicing data, use of dimensions and drill operations.

The business benefit of this course is that you will be able to efficiently and effectively analyze your corporate data to make informed business decisions.


The target audience is analysts and business users who need to analyze data to discover trends and solve business questions.


  • Understand the use of OLAP concepts
  • Illustrate use of multi-dimensional structures
  • Define Voyager workspaces
  • Creating queries using Voyager
  • Use of complex conditionals
  • Understand usage of charts and graphs
  • Illustrate the different types of chars
  • Demonstrate use of crosstabs
  • Use of sorts, filters and ranking operations
  • Illustrate the use of different calculations
  • Define commonly used visual totals: aggregate, sum, average and count
  • Creating visual totals on filtered data
  • Define the use of nested dimensions
  • Illustrate the swapping of dimensions in reports
  • Define the usage of drill operations for moving through relational data

Class Format

Lecture and Lab

Course duration:

2 days

Course outline:

Understanding OLAP
  • OLAP Overview
  • Multi-dimensional data cubes
  • Hierarchical data
BusinessObjects Voyagers
  • Opening a workspace and analyzing data
  • Some essential terminology
  • Create a Voyager workspace
  • Define a query
  • Add charts and more crosstabs
  • Adding a chart to the page
  • Adding another crosstab to the page
Analyze Cube Data
  • Creating and defining queries to answer your business questions
  • Defining queries
  • Modifying queries
  • Adding queries
  • Creating complex queries by nesting dimensions
Visualize data with Charts
  • Chart types
  • Cluster bar charts
  • Stacked bar charts
  • Percent stacked bar charts
  • 3D bar charts
  • Multi-series line charts
  • Multi-series pie charts
  • Adding a chart to the analysis window
  • Changing chart types
  • Adding data to a chart
  • Defining a query using an empty chart component
  • Modifying a query in a chart
  • Scrolling through large data sets in charts
  • Customizing charts
Crosstabs and charting
  • Overview of member selection
  • Selecting individual members from a list of all members
  • Selecting members by searching
  • Selecting all members at a particular level in the dimension
  • Selecting parent, child, or sibling members
  • Changing the displayed measures
  • Hiding members from view
Sorting, Filtering and Ranking
  • Sorting data columns or rows
  • Sorting within hierarchies
  • Removing a sort
  • Automatically removed sorts
  • Filtering the data in crosstabs and charts
  • Adding a second filter
  • Removing a filter
  • Automatically removed filters
  • Ranking the data in the crosstab
Defining Calculations
  • Overview of calculations
  • Visual totals
  • To add the default totals
  • To add commonly used visual totals (Aggregate, Sum, Average, and
  • Count
  • To add other visual totals
  • Changing to a different visual total
  • Removing visual totals
  • Visual totals on filtered data
  • Visual totals on axes with nested dimensions
  • Visual totals on charts
  • Basic calculations
Exploring Dimensions
  • Swapping dimensions
  • Swapping dimensions containing sorts, filters, and ranks
  • Removing dimensions
  • Nesting dimensions
  • Changing the order of nested dimensions
  • Changing the slice of data
  • Drilling down and drilling up
  • Drilling through to underlying relational data

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