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Lotus Notes 8.5.3 Standard Configuration User Update
Lotus Training Overview

This course is designed for users of earlier versions of Lotus Notes who want to learn the most important and useful features of Lotus Notes 8.5.3 Standard configuration.

This course takes you on ten tours of the new features of Notes itself and of all the important changes to the Mail, Calendar, and Contacts applications. We will also take you on a tour of the new Sidebar and Lotus Symphony applications.

Lotus Training Learning Objectives

In this course, you will take these ten tours of the new features of Notes 8.5.3 Standard configuration:
  • Tour 1: Home Page. Although Lotus Notes has a new look and feel, most of what you already know about it is the same as in previous versions. This course shows all the new things that you will encounter when you first start using Notes.
  • Tour 2: New Menu Choices. We’ll show a few of the new menu choices that you will want to know about now.
  • Tour 3: New Message. Mail has been improved with a number of new features that make it easier to create and address messages.
  • Tour 4: Mail Inbox. The Inbox (and all the other folders and views in Mail) has been redesigned to make you more efficient in how you read and respond to messages.
  • Tour 5: Other Mail Changes. Notes now has a message recall feature, which attempts to recall a message that you accidentally sent prematurely or that you have second thoughts about having sent. The user interface for enabling out-of-office has been improved, and the reply can now be configured to instantaneous. And when you return, out-of-office notification is automatically disabled.
  • Tour 6: New Calendar Entry. The Calendar Entry form has been reworked, making it cleaner and easier to use.
  • Tour 7: Calendar Views. The Calendar views have been given a new look, and you should find it easier and quicker to create and manage your Calendar Entries.
  • Tour 8: Contacts. The Contacts application is the new name for the previous Address Book. It still serves the same purpose, only with a new look and a few new features.
  • Tour 9: Sidebar Applications. Notes includes several Sidebar Applications that bring added functionality and information into the same window as Notes.
  • Tour 10: Symphony Applications. Notes comes with three productivity tools that take the place of the three main applications in popular office suites. Although they look a little different than other office suite applications, it won’t take you much time to learn how to use them.
Lotus Training Audience

This course is designed for proficient Notes 6.5, 7, and even 8 users.

If you are new to Lotus Notes 8.5.3 or think your Notes skills may be rusty, we recommend our full Lotus Notes 8.5.3 User Essentials course, which assumes you know nothing about Notes and want to build your skills from the ground up.

We recommend our follow-up course Lotus Notes User Essentials PLUS Pack, from which you can learn more about particular aspects of Notes on an as-needed basis.

Lotus Training Course duration

This course is sold as a 1/2 day course and may be taught in a seminar/demonstration style without hands-on computer use.

Course design

Many of the step-by-step procedures in the course can be performed either in a computer-equipped classroom or back at the desk to reinforce the concepts and build your competence. Though designed for instructor-lead classes, with the proper equipment and software individuals can also use this course for self-study.

Please consult the Set Up document for this course to make sure the correct environment is in place before starting the course.

Lotus Training Course outline

Tour 1: Home Page
  • Two Notes configurations, three platforms
  • Start Notes
  • Tour the Home Page
  • Home Page actions
  • Toolbar Search
  • Right-click search
  • Web-style search
  • Open button
  • Legacy Workspace
  • New embedded Web Browser
  • Show Thumbnails button
  • Right Sidebar
  • Symphony Applications
  • Notebook application
  • Custom Home Pages
Tour 2: New Menu Choices
  • File-Open
  • File-Preferences
  • File-Locations-Manage Locations
  • File-Application-Make Available Offline
  • File-Close All
  • File-Application-Install
  • View-Advanced Menus
  • View-Toolbar
  • Tools menu
  • Help-Help Contents
  • Help-Search
  • Help-Support
Tour 3: Messages
  • Create a new message
  • More action button
  • New letterhead
  • Attach files
  • Display action button
  • Type-ahead addressing with business card
  • Instant Spell Check and Instant Corrections
  • Tables
  • Create Hyperlink
  • Signature
  • Set Current Font as Mail Default
  • Multi-level undo
  • Drag and drop everywhere
Tour 4: Mail Inbox
  • Tour the Inbox
  • Refresh action button
  • Document selection
  • Show action button, preview to right
  • Improved message display in folders/views
  • Sender Colors
  • One-click actions
  • Mail quota reminder
  • Archive
  • Export message to .eml file
  • Automatic Inbox clearing
  • Sort Mail folders/views by last name
  • Trash folder
Tour 5: Other Mail Changes
  • Recall message
  • Message Options
  • Out-of-Office notification
  • View Collaboration History
  • Receiving new mail settings
Tour 6: Calendar Entries
  • Create a new Calendar Entry
  • Check (your) Calendar action button
  • Mark Available
  • Click links
  • Display action button
  • Find Rooms, Find Resources buttons
  • Find Available Times tab
Tour 7: Calendar Views
  • New look
  • Appointments and meetings clearly defined
  • View navigator
  • New and Respond buttons
  • Calendar Entry type sensitive action buttons
  • Show button
  • Lists views
  • Show Calendars
  • Open Group Calendars
  • Show invitations on Calendar
  • Show cancelled meetings on Calendar
  • Calendar footer
Tour 8: Contacts
  • New views
  • New action button
  • Forward vCard action button
  • Browse for Contact action button
  • Show action button
  • Display international alpha tabs
  • New Contact form
  • Groups
  • Recent Contacts view
  • Contact list synchronization
  • Contacts delegation
  • As a Contacts delegate
Tour 9: Sidebar Applications
  • Open Sidebar
  • Sametime Contacts application
  • Sametime Primary Contacts
  • Day-At-A-Glance application
  • Feeds application
  • My Widgets application
Tour 10: Lotus Symphony Applications
  • Why use Symphony?
  • Create new file
  • Create new file from template
  • Common elements
  • Create a Presentation file
  • Create a Spreadsheet file
  • Create a Document file
  • Supported file formats
  • Help

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