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Lotus Domino R5 Web Server Administration
Lotus Training Overview

During this course you will install and configure the Domino Web Server for both Domino database and HTML file access by Browsers. As the course progresses, you will build a complete Web site that lets users register to use the site, participate in a discussion, and search the entire site for information.

Security is a major concern of the course, covering general Domino security as well as Web-specific security mechanisms such as user and server authentication using SSL and X.509 digital certificates.

You will install and configure Domino Off-Line Services so Browser clients can work in Domino databases while disconnected from the Internet.

To help manage the server, you will configure Web-related server statistics and events, and create a server probe that will alert you when the server is overloaded or down.

Lotus Training Learning Objectives

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • describe the role of the Domino Web Server (HTTP server task)
  • install and configure the HTTP server task
  • secure Domino databases and protect HTML files
  • create directory mapping and redirection documents
  • create a virtual server
  • register users using Domino Administrator and configure a self-registration application
  • configure both basic password and session-based authentication and define an authentication realm
  • configure the server to run SSL and create X.509 digital certificates for session security and user authentication using the Domino Certificate Authority utility
  • provide a site search facility to include both Domino databases and HTML files using the Inxight Summarizer for Domain Searches
  • use the Notes Client, Domino Administrator, Domino Designer, and the Domino Web Administrator to configure and maintain the Domino Web Server
  • configure the server to support iNotes clients for off-line access to Domino databases
  • boost server performance and reliability
  • configure Web-related statistics collection, event monitoring, server probes, and event notification
  • log server task activity as well as server hits using the Extended Log File format.
Lotus Training Audience

This course is part of a series of courses. Follow these paths to master all aspects of the Domino Server, Domino Web Server, Domino Administrator, Lotus Notes, and Notes/SMTP mail administration:

Courses later in the series assume that you have mastered the content of earlier courses.

This course is designed for new Domino Web Server administrators who are responsible for configuring the Domino Server to support Web Browsers and who have:

  • a working knowledge of Web technology, including basic HTML, TCP/IP addressing, and DNS operation
  • experience installing and configuring any HTTP server
  • extensive experience using the Notes Client (R5) and a modern Browser
  • the ability to navigate in Domino Administrator (R5) and Domino Designer (R5).
Lotus Training Course duration

4 days

Lotus Training Course design

This course balances lecture with hands-on exercises. Each topic includes exercises designed to solidify your knowledge of the concepts presented in the topic. As the course progresses, you will build a completely functional Web site running under the Domino Web Server.

Lotus Training Course outline

Topic 1: Domino Web Server Overview
Domino "Web Server"
Server platforms
Domino and Other IBM/Lotus Web Server Products
Domino as an IIS ISAPI Extension
Run IIS and Domino Web Server together
Getting your Web Server on the Internet
URLs to Domino resources
Browser requirements
Why Internet Explorer is the better Browser
Testing for Browser capabilities

Topic 2: Web Server Installation and Setup
Web Server Installation
Web Server Setup Step 1
Web Server Setup Step 2
Web Server Setup Step 3
Web Server Setup Step 4
Finish Setup
Exercise: Setup Domino Server
Initial Security Settings
Exercise: Configure Notes Client
Exercise: Configure Initial Security
Exercise: Access server from Browser

Topic 3: Basic Web Server Configuration
Define TCP/IP port
Allow Anonymous access
Restart the Web Server
Set Web Server alias
Define the directories
Set Server Home Page
Exercise: Set Server Home Page
Creating Sub-Sites within your Site
Exercise: Creating Sub-Sites
Web Search Engines
Change Command Parameter
Links View

Topic 4: User Registration
Browser user licensing
Why register users?
What is user registration?
Register Person dialog box
Basics page
Mail page
ID Info page
Groups page
Name conflicts
Certification Log
Pre-Registration checklist
Exercise: Register Users
Other User Registration options
Changing/Adding Internet Passwords
Increasing the strength of Internet Passwords
License tracking

Topic 5: User Self-Registration
License implications
Self-Registration Example 1: Notes.Net Registration
Self-Registration Example 2: The Old Standby
Basic self-registration setup
Exercise: Registration
Customize registration database

Topic 6: User Authentication Options
Three ways to authenticate users
URLs to force authentication
Exercise: Name and Password authentication
Session-based authentication
Exercise: Session-based authentication
Realms and authentication
Authentication name versus ACL name
Authentication from secondary Domino Directory
Exercise: Directory Assistance

Topic 7: Server Certificates and SSL
SSL overview
Comparing Notes and Internet security
Setting up SSL on the Server
Procedure 1: Setup CA application
Procedure 2: Create Certificate Authority Key Ring file
Procedure 3: Create Server Key Ring file
Procedure 4: Configure SSL on HTTP port
Procedure 5: Trigger SSL connection
Exercise: Configure SSL and test with Navigator
Exercise: Configure SSL and test with Microsoft Internet Explorer
Exercise: Configure SSL and test with Notes Browser
Working with third party CA

Topic 8: Trusting a Server's Root Certificate
Install Trusted Root Certificate in Navigator
Install Trusted Root Certificate in Internet Explorer
Install Trusted Root Certificate in Notes Browser
Exercise: Install Trusted Certificate in your Browser
Install your Internet Certificate for your own Notes Browser users
Notes Browser Certificate management

Topic 9: Browser Certificates
Internet certificates for Browsers
Exercise: Internet certificates for Browsers
Internet certificates for Notes Browser
Import and Export certificates

Topic 10: Security Administration
Security model
Anonymous access
Maximum Internet name & password access
Web agent security
Disallow database browsing
Database encryption
HTML file security
$DefaultNav URL command hack
Two design elements to prevent URL hacking
Hiding the server type
Recommended reading for developers

Topic 11: Custom Response Code Forms
Browser response codes
Common response codes
Web Agent-specific 500 codes
Browser display
Custom error pages
Server-wide custom error messages
Exercise: Custom Error Messages

Topic 12: Domain Search
Full Text Search versus Domain Search
Full text index settings
Configuration Overview
Database Catalog versus Domain Catalog
Catalog replication
Configuration Procedures
Procedure 1: Enable Domain Catalog and Indexer server tasks
Procedure 2: Include Domino databases in index
Procedure 3: Include other files in index
Procedure 4: Restart server
Client configuration
Search using Notes Client
Search using Browser
Exercise: Domain Search
Domain Search and security
Design considerations
Domain Search and the Summarizer
Delete Domain Index
Other search products

Topic 13: Domino Off-Line Services
DOLS architectural overview
Install and configure the DOLS server software
Notes User ID requirement
Automatically deploy Notes User IDs
DOLS-enable an application
Exercise: Install and configure server components
Install the DOLS client and subscribe to an application
Install the plug-in for Navigator
iNotes Sync Manager console
Sync Options
iNotes Sync Manager Options
Exercise: Install and use the DOLS client
Delete a subscription
Installing DOLS client from CD

Topic 14: Virtual Servers
How to support multiple Web sites
Configure a Virtual Server
Exercise: Virtual Server

Topic 15: Server Statistics and Monitoring
Server statistics
Graphical statistics report
Exercise: Statistics
Statistics Reports Database
"Real time" monitor
Two monitoring views
Add servers to monitor
Add tasks and statistics to monitor
Monitoring preferences
Exercise: Server Monitoring
NT Performance Monitor

Topic 16: Server Probes and Event Notification
TCP/IP Probe
Event Monitor
Event Notification
Exercise: TCP/IP Probe and Event Notification

Topic 17: Server Logging
Notes Log
Logging levels
Keeping the Notes Log file small
Notes Log analysis
Exercise: Logged events
Domino Web Server Logging
Web Server logging to a database
Web Server logging to text files
Configure Web Server logging
Exercise: Domino Web Server logging
Web Server log analysis

Topic 18: Domino Web Administrator
Exercise: Configure Domino Web Administrator
Start Domino Web Administrator from Browser
Exercise: Open Domino Web Administrator
Extend Domino Web Administrator ACL

Topic 19: Scalability and Performance
Option 1: Fine tune the server
Option 2: Fine tune applications
Option 3: Upgrade hardware
Option 4: Add servers and use load balancing
Option 5: Cluster servers

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