Overview of Object-Oriented Technology v1.2.3


In this course you will learn the features, advantages, and techniques of using the object-oriented paradigm for software development. Through presentation and discussions you will get an overview of the object-oriented approach as it applies to methodology, analysis and design, coding, and developing distributed applications.


Software developers, managers, and analysts who need an introduction to the object-oriented software development world.


Basic understanding of software development.

Course duration

1 Day

Course outline

  1. The OO Paradigm
    • What Is an Object?
    • The Art of Abstraction
    • Encapsulating the Details
    • Classes
    • Inheritance and the Case for Reuse
    • Operations and Methods
    • The Power of Polymorphism
    • Attributes

  2. OO Projects
    • Project Organization
    • Running a Project
    • A Design Language
    • The Importance of Perspective
    • The Unified Process
    • Four Phases of the Project
    • Extreme Programming
    • Building With Components

  3. OO Languages
    • The Language Continuum
    • Smalltalk
    • C++
    • Java
    • C#
    • VB

  4. Distributed Technologies and the Web
    • RPC and MOM
    • CORBA
    • J2EE
    • Persistence
    • Relational and Object Databases
    • XML
    • XML Extensions
    • Microsoft .NET

  5. Class Libraries
    • The Need for Packages
    • Smalltalk's Class Library
    • C++ and STL
    • Java, the JRE, and Other APIs
    • Third-Party Libraries
    • Building and Distributing Your Own

  6. Patterns and Frameworks
    • Documenting Knowledge
    • The Structure of a Pattern
    • Using Design Patterns in Your System
    • Putting It All Together With Application Frameworks
    • Two-tier
    • Three-tier
    • N-tier Client/Server

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