Red Hat System Administration I

Linux Training Overview

This course presents the basic working environment of a Linux system. It introduces commonly required operations that can be performed by entering commands interactively in a command terminal, along with functions available in the GNOME Desktop Environment . This course will concentrate on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), version 8 (all current update levels).

Linux Training Prerequisites

This course is considered to be the basic Red Hat course. Experience with any interactive system is helpful.

This course is the first of two courses used in preparation for the examination to achieve the Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA 8) certification.

Linux Training Course duration

This course normally requires five (5) days, approximately 50% lecture and 50% lab time.

Linux Training Course Objectives

Each participant will be able to use RHEL 8 Bash Shell techniques and commands to maintain collections of files, create files using interactive editor utilities, create and execute basic command procedures, communicate with other users, and tailor the interactive environment to meet their needs. Basic administrative features to setup a functioning RHEL 8 system will also be shown

Linux Training Course outline

Get Started with RHEL 8 / Access the Command Line
  • graphical login
  • non-graphical login
  • virtual consoles
  • Unix / Linux standards
  • BASH environment
  • BASH command line format
  • aliases (defining and using)
  • RHEL 8 system messages
  • editing shell command lines
  • keyboard control characters
Configure and Secure SSH - Part 1
  • command line operations - local host
  • command line operations - remote host
  • command line operations - remote host - ssh
Get Help in RHEL 8
  • RHEL 8 help information
  • BASH command help information
  • RHEL 8 package help information
  • RHEL 8 on-line documentation
  • Linux graphical help information
Access Linux Filesystems
  • complete file specification
  • default parts of file specifications
  • directory specifications
  • file specification
  • file characteristics information
  • locating files and directories
Manage Files from the Command Line
  • basic file manipulation commands
  • more file manipulation commands
  • defining and using hard links
  • defining and using symbolic links
  • redirection of input, output, and error information
  • pipelines
Archive and Transfer Files
  • tar
  • gzip and gunzip
  • remote file operations - wget utility
  • remote file operations - ssh utilities
  • rsync
  • vsftpd package
  • managing vsftpd
Control Access to Files
  • protecting files (chmod, umask)
  • special file attributes (chattr, lsattr)
Create, View, and Edit Text Files
  • file manipulation commands
  • redirecting standard output
  • vim editor (introduction)
  • gedit editor (introduction)
  • nano editor (introduction)
Monitor and Manage Linux Processes
  • user working environment
  • user process characteristics
  • displaying process information (static) - ps
  • displaying process information (dynamic) - top
  • controlling process execution
  • adjusting process priority
  • process monitoring tools
  • cache management
  • process affinity
Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8
  • installing RHEL 8 system software
  • RHEL 8 directed installation
  • RHEL 8 directed installation - firstboot
Analyze Servers and Get Support
  • RHEL 8 administrative software
  • cockpit
  • RHEL 8 web-based portal
Install and Update Software
  • managing RHEL 8 software packages
  • rpm command usage
  • dnf / yum command usage
  • legacy (non-streamed) package repository setup
  • streamed (AppStream)package repository setup
  • Apache web server configuration
Manage Local Linux Users and Groups
  • user account management
  • /etc/passwd file
  • /etc/group file
  • user account creation
  • environment files
  • password aging
  • PAM
  • account deletion
  • RHEL 8 administrator responsibilities
  • using the root account
Configure and Secure Open SSH Service - Part 2
  • command line operations - remote host - ssh
Manage Networking
  • network configuration
  • host configuration
  • gateway configuration
  • maintaining system time via an ntp server
  • maintaining system time via chrony
  • time zone manipulation
Control Services and Daemons
  • RHEL 8 startup configuration
  • systemd target files
  • systemd services
  • systemd actions
  • systemd startup services
  • boot logging
  • systemd journal logging
Analyze and Store Logs
  • system logging mechanism
  • kernel message logging
  • system logging configuration
  • remote system logging
  • logrotate

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