Red Hat System Administration III
(Networking and Security Operations)

Linux Training Overview

This course will teach the commands and methods needed to setup and manage advanced networking, security, and performance management on a RHEL 6 system. The course will also use a problem solving approach in the lab exercises to teach system administrators advanced topics, for long-term mangement of the system.

This course is used for preparation for the RHCE certification examination.

Systems: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Version 6 (all update levels).

Linux Training Prerequisites

It is assumed that the participant has successfully completed the Red Hat System Administration I and Red Hat System Administration II courses, or has equivalent system time as a user and a working systems administrator.

Linux Training Course duration

This course normally requires four (4) days, approximately 60% lecture, and 40% lab time.

Linux Training Course Objectives

On completion of this course, a systems administrator should be able to install, update, and boot the RHEL 6 operating system; setup a RHEL 6 system to act as a: DNS server (and client), VSFTPD server, Apache web server, email server, SAMBA host. Topics covering basic encryption, performance management tools, and usage of PAM will also be covered.

Linux Training Course outline

Advanced RHEL 6 Networking Features

  • automated network attributes setup
  • network address types
  • network information files
  • controlling telnet services
  • controlling trusted host services
  • TCP Wrappers
  • rsyslog (and remote logging)
  • logwatch
Domain Name System (DNS) Server / Client Setup
  • reasons for DNS
  • DNS layout and overview
  • FQDN (fully qualified domain (host) name)
  • DNS server types
  • name resolution
  • primary name server setup
  • secondary and caching-only name server setup
  • testing a primary name server
  • resolver host setup
  • controlling named (via rndc)
RHEL 6 Server Setups
    • SAMBA / CIFS overview
    • basic SAMBA / CIFS server installation
    • accessing SAMBA / CIFS server shared files
    • SAMBA / CIFS shared printer setup and access
  • sendmail / postfix
    • mail components
    • daemons
    • changing configuration files
  • web server
    • Apache Web Server packages
    • configuration files changes
    • virtual hosts
    • secure hosts
  • ftp
  • ftp servers overview
  • vsftpd setup and security
RHEL 6 Server Setups
  • NFS
    • NFS server setup
    • NFS client
    • automounter
  • DHCP
    • DHCP client setup
    • DHCP server setup
RHEL 6 Security
  • Unix types
  • Administrator responsibilities
  • Basic security considerations
  • Types of security and attacks
  • Reacting to a security problem
  • PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules)
  • GnuPG setup and control
  • IPTABLES (Netfilter firewall)
  • Data encryption in RHEL6 (files and filesystems) SSH
  • Using SSH tunnels for secure
  • GRUB level security (boot files)
Administrator Level BASH Shell Scripting
  • rules for writing shell scripts
  • targeted procedures
    • file systems
    • system logging
    • package management
    • process control and monitoring
    • documentation formatting

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