Server Products Administration


Intensive Server Product administration begins with the full installation of WebIntelligence and Broadcast Agent Scheduler (BCA) in a clustered environment. Post-installation, the administration, creation of BCA's, maximizing performance and tuning are addressed, as well as, activity logging, troubleshooting, and cluster methodology.


System administrators who need to install, configure, and maintain BusinessObjects server-based products in a Windows NT environment


  • NT Server support skills, LAN & TCP/IP terminology and basic skills
  • Introduction to Business Intelligence and BusinessObjects
  • Introduction to BusinessObjects Architecture Focus on high-level product architecture and key components found within a typical BusinessObjects deployment.
  • User Reporting Understand BusinessObjects Infoview and WebIntelligence from enduser and technical perspectives.
  • Corporate Database and Repository Learn how to create and configure a BusinessObjects repository, and how to configure database connectivity.
  • Enterprise Server Services Understand the architecture and processes common to all BusinessObjects server products.
  • Server Product Administration Learn how to install, configure, and administer BusinessObjects server products.
  • Clusters Discover the BusinessObjects distributed processing environment.
  • Performance and Tuning Understand how to improve the performance of BusinessObjects servers and clusters.
  • Activity Logging Discover the different activity logging methods available for BusinessObjects server products.
  • Troubleshooting Learn from practical examples how to troubleshoot with Windows server tools and specialized BusinessObjects utilities
Course duration:

4 days

Products Covered
  • BusinessObjects Reporter, Supervisor, WebIntelligence, Broadcast Agent Scheduler

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