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J2SE 1.4: Java Fundamentals
with Noah Kriegel and Terry Dietzler

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In this course you will learn the fundamentals of the Java language. It begins by showing you how to obtain, setup, and configure the Java Developers Kit, including all the provided tools. More..

Course includes 27+ hours of total training time...

  • 8 modules of training
  • Over 9 hours of media run time
  • Over 500 pages of online courseware
  • Step-by-step hands-on-labs
  • Sample code
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J2SE 1.4: Java Fundamentals



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Read about Noah Kriegel and Terry Dietzler.

Course Outline(Outlines are subject to change.)

J2SE 1.4: Java Fundamentals

Sessions Run Time Pages
8 9 hours 500

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of the Java language using jEdit 4.2. It begins by showing you how to obtain, setup, and configure the Java Developers Kit, including all the provided tools. You will learn the basic syntax of Java, which includes the language syntactic elements as well as the object-oriented features of Java. You will learn about exception handling, database connectivity, and deployment. As the course progresses, you will build on your knowledge of Java fundamentals as you learn about the advanced object-oriented features in Java. You will learn about threading, building graphical and event-driven applications using the Swing framework, advanced JDBC, files and streams, and applet development. You will also learn the basic first steps for web development in Java.

Introduction to Java

  • A Short History of Java

  • Benefits of Java

  • Java Design Goals

  • Common Misconceptions about Java

  • JDK Installation and Setup

Java Syntax

  • A Simple Java Application

  • Variables

  • Data Types

  • Operators

  • Using Strings

  • Control Flow

Object Oriented Programming in Java

  • Classes vs. Objects

  • Defining Classes

  • Scoping

  • Overloading

  • Packages

  • Access Level Attributes

  • Inheritance

  • Polymorphism

Typesafe Enumerations

  • The int Enum Pattern

  • Typesafe Enum Pattern

  • Native Typesafe Enumerations in Java

Exception Handling

  • Defined

  • Syntax

  • Exception Propagation

  • Re-throwing Exceptions

  • Instantiating Your Own Exceptions

  • Exception Hierarchy

  • throws Clause

Intro to Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)

  • JDBC Overview

  • Driver Types

  • Obtaining a Driver

  • JDBC Classes

  • Creating a Database Application


  • CLASSPATH Revisited

  • Command line Deployment

  • Using the JAR tool

  • Creating Manifests

  • Create Executable JAR files

  • Handling Class Dependencies for Deployment

  • Deploying Graphical Applications

  • Introduction to Java WebStart

Advanced Java Syntax

  • String Issues

  • Arrays

  • Parameter Passing Semantics

  • Generics

Advanced OOP

  • final Keyword

  • Abstract Classes

  • Interfaces

  • Inner Classes

  • Anonymous Classes

  • Cloning

  • Important Methods: equals() and hashCode()


  • Introduction to Threading

  • Syntax

  • Running Multiple Threads

  • Thread Priorities

  • Synchronization Issues


  • Creating Frames

  • Closing Frames

  • Layout Managers

  • Creating Multi-Window Applications

Swing Part 1

  • Swing vs. AWT Controls

  • SwingSet

  • JLabel

  • JTextBox

  • JTextArea

  • JButton

  • JProgressBar

  • JSlider

  • JRadioButton/ButtonGroup

  • JPanel

  • JScrollPane

  • JTabbedPane

  • JSplitPane

Event Handling

  • Event Handling Background

  • External Classes

  • External Classes with Parameters

  • Frame Classes

  • Inner Classes

  • Anonymous Inner Classes

 Swing Part 2

  • Model-View-Controller Architecture

  • Creating Models

  • JavaBeans

Advanced JDBC

  • Using ResultSetMetaData

  • Create/Read/Update/Delete Operations

  • Handling Keys

  • Using DataSources

  • Using Connection Pools

Utility Classes

  • Type Wrappers

  • The Collections API

  • Calendars and Dates

  • Math

  • NumberFormat

  • Java IO (Files and Streams)

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Your Instructor

Noah Kriegel is a Software Engineer and Instructor with The DSW Group, Ltd. in Atlanta, Ga., specializing in the development of custom Web-based enterprise applications. During his career in the software industry, he has also developed many database and other distributed applications for clients of all sizes and in a variety of industries. Over the years, he has also instructed hundreds of developers with the languages that he has used in creating applications. His primary language proficiencies include Java, C#, C, and Pascal/Delphi.

Terry is president and co-founder of The DSW Group, Ltd., a nationally recognized application development and training firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. Terry has been a Borland Certified Delphi Trainer since 1996 and is co-author of the book JBuilder3 Unleashed. Since the inception of DSW in 1987, Terry has managed and developed on many software projects for a wide range of companies. During that time, he has become an accomplished developer and trainer familiar with several development products & languages with current proficiencies focused on Java, C#, JBuilder and Delphi. He has also spoken at many conferences both in the U.S. and abroad. .

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