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J2SE 1.4: Java Web Development
with Noah Kriegel

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This course covers the fundamental technologies and techniques required to create web applications using Java. . More..

Course includes 21+ hours of total training time...

  • 6 modules of training
  • Over 7 hours of media run time
  • Over 350 pages of online courseware
  • Step-by-step hands-on-labs
  • Sample code
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J2SE 1.4: Java Web Development



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Course Outline(Outlines are subject to change.)

J2SE 1.4: Java Web Development

Sessions Run Time Pages
6 7 hours 350

This course covers the fundamental technologies and techniques required to create web applications using Java and jEdit 4.2. It shows how to handle common servlet tasks such as setting and reading HTTP headers, threading requirements, techniques for storing state information (i.e. cookies, URL re-writing, hidden fields), the session management APIs, gathering parameters, handling different content (i.e. HTML, plain text, spreadsheets, images), database access from servlets, and more. In JSP technologies, this class covers the different types of JSP content (scriptlets vs. JSP tags), property management, using Java Beans within JSP, controlling scoping, and design techniques.


  • Java EE

  • Tomcat

Introduction to HTTP Servlet

  • HTTP Servlet Basics

  • Request and Response Objects

Servlets and Containers

  • Generic Servlet

  • Servlet Containers

  • Servlet Lifecycles

Servlet, Server, and Client Info

  • Getting Information off the Client Request

  • Getting Information about the Web Server

Responding to the Client

  • The HTTPResponse Object

  • Producing Output

  • MIME Type Settings

Tracking Sessions

  • Stateless Web Issues

  • Using the Session Object

Servlet Database Connectivity

  • JDBC Development in Servlets

JSP Fundamentals

  • Introduction to Java Server Pages

  • JSP Page Structure

  • Basic JSP Syntax

JSP Actions and Objects

  • Using Built-in Objects

  • Understanding JSP Actions

Writing and Using Java Beans

  • Rules for Creating Java Beans

  • Using Java Beans in JSP Pages

Databases and JSP

  • JDBC Development in JSP

Handling Errors and Debugging

  • Syntax Errors

  • Handling Exceptions

  • Reporting Errors to Clients

  • Finding Bugs

JSP Application Design

  • MVC Design Pattern

  • Page Centric Design

  • Servlet Centric Design

Deploying Web Applications

  • Web Deployment Descriptor

  • File/Directory Structure

  • Web.xml

Ant Build Files

  • Using Scripts

  • Installing ANT

  • Creating an ANT Build File

Custom Tag Libraries and JSTL

  • Understanding Tag Libraries

  • Introduction to JSTL

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Your Instructor

Noah Kriegel is a Software Engineer and Instructor with The DSW Group, Ltd. in Atlanta, Ga., specializing in the development of custom Web-based enterprise applications. During his career in the software industry, he has also developed many database and other distributed applications for clients of all sizes and in a variety of industries. Over the years, he has also instructed hundreds of developers with the languages that he has used in creating applications. His primary language proficiencies include Java, C#, C, and Pascal/Delphi.

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