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Java EE Programming: Hibernate
with Greg Matus

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As data models get more complex it becomes harder for programmers to create applications to access that data. Enter Java Hibernate. Hibernate is a middle-tier developer framework for Object to Relational Mapping (ORM).

Course includes 27+ hours of total training time...

  • 6 modules of training
  • Over 9 hours of media run time
  • Over 250 pages of online courseware
  • Step-by-step hands-on-labs
  • Sample code
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Java EE Programming: Hibernate



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Course Outline(Outlines are subject to change.)

Java EE Programming: Hibernate

Modules Run Time Pages
6 9 hours 250

As data models get more complex it becomes harder for programmers to create applications to access that data. Enter Java Hibernate. Hibernate is a middle-tier developer framework for Object to Relational Mapping (ORM). A Hibernate tier is used as a go-between from the data tier to the client tier thus creating an automatic translation between the Object Oriented model and the required relational data model. This course will start you on the journey to understand Hibernate. First you’ll cover the basics of what Hibernate is and what is does. Then move to ORM and persistence in class mappings and many other items. Then you’ll see Value types, components and Collections and finish up with Entity Associations.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How Hibernate can be used with an existing database
  • What the term is "Lazy Loading"
  • What are some of the ways that Hibernate are integrated with J2EE
  • The four ways to configure Hibernate
  • What are the ways of supplying the mapping file to Hibernate
  • The two ways of querying for persistent objects
  • What are the three different types of objects that are managed by Hibernate
  • How HIbernate gets and sets the state of an object
  • To explain detached instances
  • What the difference is between a component and an entity
  • The name of five collection types supported by Hibernate
  • How to use a list
  • The three ways of mapping a one-to-one association to the database
Prerequisites :

This course assumes you are familiar with object-oreinted principals and have a solid practical understanding of polymorphism in Java. You must also have a working knowledge of Eclipse IDE for Java EE.

Introduction to HIbernate
  • Hibernate Object to Relational Mapping (ORM)
  • Benefits of Hibernate
  • Hibernate Supports Caching
Getting Started with Hibernate
  • Understand the Nuts and Bolts of Hibernate
  • Understand How to Map a Class to the Database
  • Understand the Configurations Involved and Their Relationships
  • List Different Ways of Configuring Hibernate
  • Understand the Overall Syntax of the Hibernate Configuration File
  • Understand the Overall Syntax of a Mapping File
  • Introduce the org.hibernate.SessionFactory
  • Introduce the org.hibernate.Session
  • Understand One Way of Obtain a Session Using Hibernate Contextual Sessions
  • Supply a Basic Example of Using Hibernate
Basic ORM
  • Configure Persistent Classes
  • Configure Persistent State of a Class
  • Understand the Requirements for a Persistent Entity Class
  • Understand Object Identity in Hibernate
  • Understand How to Correctly Implement Equals and hashCode in Hibernate
  • Discuss Object Identity and a Caveate in hashCode and Equals Implementations
  • Discuss Different WAys of Generating Unique Numbers for Keys
  • Understand How to Influence Mapping to Columns
  • Understand How to Map Properties of a Class to Multiple Tables
Value Types and Components
  • List Different Element Types: Simple Types, Composite Types and Entities
  • Map Composition Using Hibernate's Components
  • Use Components as Composite Identifiers
  • Map java.util.Set and java.util.List
  • Correctly use a Comparator
  • Map a java.util.Map
  • Map the Key of the Map
  • Understand the Different Collection Types Supported
  • Understand Programming Restrictions when Using Collections
  • Understand Hibernate's Bags
  • Introduce Dynamic Components
Entity Associations
  • List the Different Types of Associations
  • Understand the Difference Between Uni- and Bidirectional Associations
  • Understand How to Map Unidirectional One to One, Many to One and One to Many Associations
  • Understand How and When to Use Join Tables
  • Understand How to Map Many-to-Many Associations
  • Understand How to Configure Bidirectional Associations
  • Understand How to Cascade Over Associations

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Your Instructor

Greg Matus Senior Technologist & Mentor at Trivera Technologies, is an integral part of the core consulting, mentoring and course development team. Responsible for the development, testing and maintenance of the company’s technology-centric suite of offerings, Greg combines his practical programming skills and mentoring excellence to develop the highest quality educational programs available. His technical focus includes developing programs and projects focused around advanced application development, performance and tuning skills and technologies. Specialties include Java, advanced J2EE / JEE, AJAX, XML, Web Services, JSP, SQL, JDBC and Database topics, Oracle, Eclipse, WebLogic and more. Greg regularly mentors and consults clients in advanced technologies, assisting companies as they move from the classroom training environment into actual production. He often serves as a critical project lead and/or key development contributor in continued assignments with such clients. Greg is also a technical presenter at Oracle developer conferences such as Oracle World, ODTUG, IOUG, and RMOUG.

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