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Java EE Programming: Servlets, JSP, Security, and JavaServer Faces
with Susan Bryant

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This course increases the skills of the Java EE developers learning about Servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSP). You will learn about servlet filters, event listeners, custom tags, and JSP tags.

Course includes 30+ hours of total training time...

  • 10 modules of training
  • Over 10 hours of media run time
  • Over 150 pages of online courseware
  • Step-by-step hands-on-labs
  • Sample code
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Java EE Programming: Servlets, JSP, Security, and JavaServer Faces



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Course Outline(Outlines are subject to change.)

Java EE Programming: Servlets, JSP, Security, and JavaServer Faces

Modules Run Time Pages
10 10 hours 150

This course increases the skills of the Java EE developers learning about Servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSP) using Eclipse. You will learn about servlet filters, event listeners, custom tags, and JSP tags. You will also take a look at more advanced Java EE programming concepts like security, annotations, and JavaServer Faces.

Prerequisites :

This course is intended for Java programmers who build server-side web applications in leveraging Eclipse to streamline their development cycle. You should understand essential concepts of object-oriented programming and should be able to write simple Java programs with assistance.

Servlet Filters

  • What is a filter?
  • Why use a filter?
  • Uses for Filtering
  • Features of filters
  • The Filter interface
  • How a filter works
  • In what order?
  • A simple logging filter
  • Configuring the filter
  • Mapping the filter
  • The Web Deployment Descriptor
  • Common filter tasks
  • Request and Response Wrappers

Servlet Event Listener

  • What are Listeners?
  • Types of Listeners
  • Writing a Servlet Context Listener
  • Writing a Servlet Context Attribute Listener
  • Writing a Session Activation Listener
  • Writing a Session Attribute Listener
  • Registering Listeners
  • Lifecycle of Listeners

JSP Custom Tag Developmnet

  • What is Custom Tag?
  • Why Develop Custom Tags?
  • The Nature of a Custom Tag
  • Tag Body
  • Fragment Attribute
  • Dynamic Attributes
  • Tag Library Descriptor (TLD)
  • Tag Implementation Options
  • The Simple Tag API
  • Life Cycle of a Simple Tag
  • The JspContext Object
  • Dealing with the Body
  • Implementing an Iteration Tag
  • Accessing a Parent Tag
  • Working with Fragment Attributes
  • The TLD File
  • Defining a Tag
  • Packaging a Tag Library
  • Using a Tag Library
  • The Tag File Approach
  • The Tag Directive
  • Defining Attributes
  • Working with Variables
  • Working with Fragment Attributes
  • Packaging Tag Files
  • Creating the TLD File
  • Using a Tag File from a JSP

JEE Security

  • JEE Authentication mechanisms
  • Basic authentication
  • Form-based authentication
  • Client certificate authentication
  • JEE Authorization
  • Declaritive security on Web Resources
  • Programmatic security on Web Resources
  • Security role reference
  • Defining security roles using annotations
  • Delegation
  • Declaritive security on EJB Resources
  • Protecting beans using annotations
  • Protecting beans using the deployment descriptor
  • Programmatic security on EJB application
  • Delegation

Java EE 5 Annotation Programming

  • What are Annotations?
  • Java Metadata Specification
  • Where Can Annotations Be Used?
  • Resource Annotations
  • @Resource, @Resources
  • @EJB
  • @Persistence Annotations
  • @PostConstruct, @PreDestroy
  • @WebServiceRef

Introduction to JavaServer Faces

  • What is JavaServer Faces (JSF)?
  • Why Use JSF?
  • Nature of a JSF Application
  • The Sun Reference Implementation (RI)
  • JSF and MVC
  • Faces Servlet
  • Managed Bean
  • The View
  • Page Flow or Navigation Rule
  • How Does the Application Work?
  • The Rendered Form HTML
  • The Layout Tree

Managed Bean

  • What is a Managed Bean?
  • Why Do You Need a Managed Bean?
  • Managed Bean as a Controller
  • Registering a Managed Bean
  • Lifecycle of a Managed Bean
  • Initializing a Managed Bean
  • What Scope to Use?
  • Value Binding
  • Property Data Conversion
  • Advanced Property Types
  • Component Binding
  • Other Binding Types
  • Basic Input Processing
  • Advanced Input Processing
  • JSF Expression Language
  • Language Basics
  • Use of Expression in JSF
  • Basic Expression
  • Property Access Expression
  • Map Access Expression
  • Complex Access Expression
  • Predefined Objects
  • Operators

Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs) Overview

  • Need for EJBs
  • Distributed Computing
  • Distrubted Transaction
  • Distributed Security
  • What are EJBs?
  • Main Characteristics of EJBs
  • EJB Remote Method Call
  • EJB Architecture Components
  • EJB Client
  • EJB JAR File
  • EJB Container
  • EJB Server
  • Enterprise JavaBeans
  • Session Beans
  • Entity Beans
  • Java Persistence API - Entities
  • Message-Driven Beans (MDBs)
  • EJB Specification

Introduction to Struts

  • What is Struts?
  • Why Struts?
  • Struts Components
  • The Controller Layer
  • Chain of Command
  • The Controller Layer
  • The View Layer
  • The Form Bean
  • A Simple Action
  • Struts Configuration
  • Define HelloAction
  • Invoking HelloAction
  • Finding Information About Struts

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Your Instructor

Susan Bryant is an Experienced IT trainer and consultant with a broad array of skills covering System Design/Architecture, J2EE Application Development, Project Management, and Training. She has over 15 years experience in information systems with roles including systems consulting, project management, staff management, staff mentoring, and certified technical trainer. Susan has a strong technical knowledge of IBM WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Portal Server (in both development and administration), WebSphere Process Server, Lotus Domino, and web application development technologies, including, Struts, JSF, EJBs and AJAX. Susan has been a published contributor to the webzine, The Spheretechnical magazine and a presenter for The View technical conference. She has served as technical editor for several IT certification exams.

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