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Microsoft SQL Server 2000: OLAP
with Leslie Koorhan

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In this course, you will learn how to use OnLine Analytical Processsing (OLAP) solutions in Microsoft SQL Server 2000, as an integral part of a data warehousing solution.

Course includes 21+ hours of total training time...
  • 5 CDs
  • Over 7 hours of media run time
  • Over 550 pages of courseware on CD-ROM
  • Step-by-step hands-on-labs
  • Sample code
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Microsoft SQL Server 2000: OLAP

  5 CD-ROMs

CD-ROM & Books

  5 CD-ROMs + Printed Books

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Course Outline (Outlines are subject to change.)
Microsoft SQL Server 2000: OLAP Cubes and Queries
Modules Run Time Pages
5 CDs 7 hours 550

In this course, you will learn how to use Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services for creating OLAP databases and cubes. Analysis Services is a product that ships with Microsoft SQL Server 2000. This course will explain how to use Analysis Services to provide a level of data analysis and reporting that goes beyond the capabilities of relational database systems. The course will detail how Analysis Services works and how to create OLAP databases, dimensions, and cubes. You will learn how to use Analysis Manager, the administrative tool of Analysis Services, and its many wizards, objects, and properties, to create effective OLAP cubes for data analysis.

In this course, you will learn to...
  • Use Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services
  • Use Analysis Manager
  • Understand and use dimensions
  • Create cubes and measures
  • Design storage for cubes
  • Create partitions and virtual cubes
  • Use calculated members
  • Use MDX expressions
  • Secure OLAP databases, dimensions, and cubes
  • Deploy OLAP databases

Prerequisites :

This course is appropriate for database administrators and database developers who want to learn to use Analysis Services to enhance their users’ reporting capabilities. Knowledge of SQL Server and the Enterprise Manager tool is a prerequisite for this course, but students do not have to be using SQL Server for all of their database needs, in order to benefit from this course.


Introduction to Analysis Services
  • OLAP Solutions
  • OLAP Models
  • SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services
  • Manager Wizards
OLAP Dimensions
  • Dimension Structure
  • Dimension Types

OLAP Dimensions (continued)
  • Properties
  • Parent-Child Dimensions
OLAP Advanced Dimensions
  • Levels and Hierarchies
  • Time
  • Dimensions
  • Custom Rollups
  • Member Properties
  • Virtual Dimensions

Cubes and Measures
  • Introduction to Cubes
  • The Cube Editor
  • Measures
  • Cube Properties
Storage, Optimization, and Processing
  • Storage
  • Optimization
  • Processing

torage, Optimization, and Processing (continued)
  • Processing (continued)
Partitions and Virtual Cubes
  • Creating Partitions
  • Advanced Partitions
  • Virtual Cubes
Calculated Members
  • MDX
  • The Calculated Member Builder

Calculated Members (continued)
  • MDX Expressions
MDX Tuples
  • Members, Tuples, and Sets
  • Retrieving Values
  • Constants and Functions
  • Growth Calculations
  • Advanced MDX Expressions
Advanced OLAP Topics
  • Advanced Cube Features
  • Security in Analysis Server
  • OLAP Deployment
Microsoft OLAP Clients
  • PivotTable Service (PTS)
  • Excel 2000/XP
  • Local Cubes
  • OLAP on Web Pages

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Your Instructor

Leslie Koorhan is the owner of TeraCore, where he specializes in development using Visual Studio.NET and Microsoft SQL Server 2000. Leslie is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD), a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) using Windows NT 4.0 and a Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA). Leslie has used many development products over the years, most recently Visual Basic.NET, Visual C#.NET and database technologies such as ADO.NET and ADO. He has also worked with Internet technologies such as ASP.NET, ASP, XML, and XSLT. Leslie has done courseware design, written numerous articles and has been teaching computer development courses for over nine years. Most recently, Leslie co-authored and tech edited "SAMS Teach Yourself Object-Oriented Programming with Visual Basic.NET in 21 Days."

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