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Programming in Visual C# .NET
with Jesse Liberty

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In this course you will learn how to program .NET applications with C#. The course begins with an introduction to the fundamentals of the language, and quickly moves on to demonstrate how to write object-oriented code using this exciting new language. The heart of the course is a detailed description of writing Windows and Web applications, including Web Services, and interacting with back end databases through ADO.NET.

Course includes 36+ hours of total training time...

  • 8 modules of training
  • Over 12 hours of media run time
  • Over 1000 pages of printable courseware
  • Step-by-step hands-on-labs
  • Sample code
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Programming in Visual C# .NET

 8 CD-ROMs

CD-ROM & Books

 8 CD-ROMs + Printed Books



DVD-ROM & Books

 1 DVD-ROM + Printed Books

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Course Outline (Outlines are subject to change.)

Programming in Visual C# .NET

Sessions Run Time Pages
8 12 hours 1000

This course begins with an overview of C# and the .NET platform. You will learn the fundamentals of the C# language, including how to set up the application development environment, and how to write your first simple C# applications. You will learn about variables and constants, expressions and statements, operators and namespaces, and how to create classes and instantiate objects. You will be introduced to database development with ADO.NET and building ASP.NET applications. You’ll use streams to read and write data both to your local machine and across the network and the Internet. Finally, you’ll explore interoperability with legacy COM objects such as ActiveX controls and COM components.



Introduction to C#

  • Welcome to C#
  • Hello World
  • Building The Application

Language Fundamentals

  • Variables
  • Constants
  • Types
  • Writing C# Programs


  • Unconditional Branching
  • Conditional Branching
  • Looping


  • Operator Types
  • Operator Precedence
  • Preprocessor


Classes and Objects

  • Creating New Types
  • Class Members
  • Value vs. Reference
  • Destroying Objects


  • Creating Hierarchies
  • Polymorphism
  • The Object Class


Operator Overloading

  • Why Overload Operators
  • Operator Overloading and the CLS
  • Creating Overloaded Operators

Structs and Interfaces

  • Alternatives to Classes
  • Structs
  • Interfaces


  • Defining Arrays
  • Multidimensional Arrays
  • Params
  • Indexers

Collection Interfaces

  • Standard Collection Interfaces
  • IEnumerable
  • ArrayList
  • ICompareable
  • Custom IComparer


Collection Interfaces (continued)

  • Standard Collection Interfaces
  • IEnumerable
  • ArrayList
  • ICompareable
  • Custom IComparer

Collections and Strings

  • Queues
  • Stacks and Arrays
  • Dictionary
  • Dictionary & Hashtable
  • Using Hashtable
  • String Manipulation
  • Regular Expressions


  • Throwing and Catching Exceptions
  • Creating Custom Exception Types


  • Introduction to Delegates
  • Encapsulating a Method
  • Delegates as Static Methods
  • Delegates as Properties
  • MultiCast Delegates



  • Defining Events
  • Implementing Events
  • Extending Custom Event Handlers

Windows Forms

  • Creating Windows Apps by Hand
  • Creating Windows Apps with Visual Studio .NET
  • XML Documentation


  • Relational Databases
  • The ADO.NET Object Model


ADO.NET (continued)

  • Relational Databases
  • The ADO.NET Object Model

Updating Databases with ADO.NET

  • Updating Data
  • Updating Multiple Tables
  • Transactions
  • Providing Transaction Support with SQL

Advanced ADO Data Update

  • DataSet Updates
  • Concurrency


Advanced ADO Data Update (continued)

  • DataSet Updates
  • Concurrency

Programming Web Forms

  • Creating a Web Application
  • Creating Web Controls

Attributes and Reflection

  • Custom Attributes
  • Creating the Attribute
  • Positional and Named Attributes
  • Reflection
  • View MetaData
  • Using Reflection for Discovery
  • Late Binding and Dynamic Invocation



  • Stream Fundamentals
  • Asynchronous I/O

Network Streams

  • Long Distance I/O
  • Serialization
  • Accessing Data with Web Streams
  • Controlling Serialization

COM Interop

  • ActiveX
  • COM DLLs
  • Creating the ActiveX Control
  • Importing the ActiveX Control

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Your Instructor

Jesse Liberty, is the author of Programming C#, Programming ASP.NET and a dozen other books on web development and object-oriented programming. He is the president of Liberty Associates, Inc. where he provides custom .NET programming. Jesse has been a Vice President of Electronic Delivery for Citibank and a Distinguished Software Engineer and Architect for AT&T, Ziff Davis, PBS and Xerox. Jesse has been a contributing author to C++ Report MSDN, and other industry journals.

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