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Visual FoxPro 6.0
with Jim Booth

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(Level 1 | Level 2 | Level 3)

Master Microsoft Visual FoxPro 6.0 using this easy-to-follow CD or video collection from the company recognized throughout North America for world-class courseware and comprehensive training courses. Whether you are learning Visual FoxPro for the first time or adding to your reference library, Professional Training via CD-ROM or Video includes everything you want in a Visual FoxPro resource.

Course includes 36+ hours of total training time...

  • 11 CDs
  • Over 12 hours of media run time
  • Over 700 pages of courseware on CD-ROM
  • Step-by-step hands-on-labs
  • Sample code
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Visual FoxPro 6.0

 11 CD-ROMs

CD-ROM & Books

 11 CD-ROMs + Printed Books

Read about with Jim Booth.
Course Outline (Outlines are subject to change.)
Level 1: Programming Fundamentals
Sessions Run Time Pages
4 CDs 4 hours 300

Level 1 CD-ROMs begin with a general tour of the Visual FoxPro development environment and show you how to configure Visual FoxPro. You will learn the steps to proper database design and how to create tables for storing data and views to sort the data. You will learn how to develop in the Project Manager, create and work with forms and reports, implement programming concepts, and deal with Y2K issues.

In Level 1 you will learn...

  • Plan, create, and modify tables and views, then pull them into a project.
  • Use the Application Wizard to build programs quickly.
  • Create information from your data with queries and reports.
  • Learn programming fundamentals including operators, expressions, program flow, branching and looping, and table navigation.

To get the most out of Programming Fundamentals of Visual FoxPro 6.0, familiarity with a programming language is helpful, but not required.


Navigating Visual FoxPro’s Interface

1.1 Interface Overview
1.2 Using Visual FoxPro’s Menu System
1.3 Using Toolbars
1.4 Using the Command Window
1.5 Using Shortcut Menus
1.6 Using Properties Windows
1.7 Using Help

Configuring Visual FoxPro

2.1 The Options Dialog Box
2.2 Review of Tabs

Visual FoxPro Databases

3.1 Understanding Database Terminology
3.2 Steps to Database Design
3.3 The Database Wizard
3.4 The Visual FoxPro Database Designer


Creating Visual FoxProTables

4.1 Working with Tables
4.2 Modifying Table Structures with the Table Designer
4.3 Creating Persistent Relationships

Creating Views in the Database

5.1 What Is a View?
5.2 The View Designer
5.3 Viewing SQL Code
5.4 Creating Parameterized Views
5.5 Queries vs. Views in Visual FoxPro


The Visual FoxPro Project Manager

6.1 The Project Manager

Working with Visual FoxPro Forms

7.1 Designing Forms with the Form Designer
7.2 Adding Controls to Your Forms
7.3 Specifying the Data Environment
7.4 DataSessions
7.5 Understanding PEM programming
7.6 Building an Actual Form

Creating Reports in Visual FoxPro

8.1 Creating Reports with the Report Designer
Appendix: Using the One-to-Many Report Wizard
Appendix: Modifying Reports with the Report Designer


The Visual FoxPro Language

9.1 Understanding Programming Terminology
9.2 Operators
9.3 Program Flow Constructs
9.4 Dealing with the Year 2000 Problem
Appendix: Table/Data Oriented Commands and Functions

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Level 2: Programming Visual FoxPro 6.0 Applications
Sessions Run Time Pages
6 CDs 6 hours 300

The Level 2 CD-ROMs begin by exploring the Database Container and data dictionaries. You will learn how to use SQL in Visual FoxPro, and how to build multi-user applications. Level 2 CD-ROMs also cover object-oriented programming, and why you want to make the time to learn it, as well as advanced form and menu design. Finally, you will learn about testing and debugging your applications as well as programming conventions and design principles you should follow.

  In Level 2 you will learn...

  • Leverage your previous programming experience while you begin event-driven programming.
  • Use the Visual FoxPro Database Container to enforce business rules.
  • Optimize SQL queries with the Rushmore technology in Visual FoxPro.
  • Increase productivity as you begin to master object-oriented programming.
  • Learn to recognize and solve the design issues involved in multiuser programming
  • Learn to use the Visual FoxPro Debugger.

To get the most out of Programming Visual FoxPro 6.0 Applications, you should have a good understanding of performing basic Visual FoxPro tasks such as creating tables, forms, views, and reports.


The Visual FoxPro Database Container

10.1 What Is a Data Dictionary?
10.2 Referential Integrity
10.3 DbGetProp() and DbSetProp()
10.4 The GENDBC Program
10.5 Updateable Views
10.6 Top N views
10.7 Outer Joins

Using SQL in Visual FoxPro

11.1 Why Use SQL?


Multi-User Programming

12.1 What’s the Real Challenge in a Multi-User Environment?
12.2 Implicit vs. Explicit Locking
12.3 Buffering Data
12.4 Data Functions in Visual FoxPro
12.5 Transaction Processing
12.6 Resolving Conflicts


Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming

13.1 A Word About OOP
13.2 Understanding Object-Orientation Terminology
13.3 Analysis and Design in an Object-Oriented World
13.4 Using the Visual FoxPro Tools for Class Design


Advanced Form Design

14.1 Coding Methods in a Reusable Way
14.2 Grids
14.3 Page Frames
14.4 Timers
14.5 OLEBoundControl and OLEControl


The Visual FoxPro Menu Designer

15.1 Creating Menus Using QuickMenu
15.2 Adding Application-Specific Options
15.3 Customizing a Menu
15.4 Shortcut (Right-Click) Menus

Testing and Debugging Visual FoxPro Applications

16.1 The Debugger as a Developer’s Tool
16.2 Testing Scenarios
16.3 Coverage and Profiling Analysis


Programming Standards and Conventions

17.1 Understanding the Costs of Development
17.2 The Value of Conventions

Understanding the Value of Good Database Design

18.1 Characteristics of a True Relational Database
18.2 Data Normalization

Designing User Interfaces

19.1 Interface Design Principles
19.2 User Hostile Interface Design

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Level 3: Advanced Programming Concepts
Sessions Run Time Pages
1 CD 1 hour 100

Level 3 CD-ROMs begin with how to access remote data. Next, you will learn how OLE drag-and-drop technology works in Visual FoxPro. Finally, you will learn how Visual FoxPro can create sophisticated Internet-ready applications.

  In Level 3 you will learn...

  • Master object-linking and embedding (OLE).
  • Create your own programming tools with builders and class libraries.
  • Use Visual SourceSafe to maintain version control.
  • Explore ActiveX technology in Visual FoxPro.
  • Begin building applications that you’ll deploy on the Internet.

To get the most out of Advanced Visual FoxPro 6.0 Programming Concepts, you should be very familiar with the basics of Visual FoxPro programming and application development.


Accessing Remote Data

20.1 What Is Client/Server Development?
20.2 Configuring ODBC Drivers
20.3 Accessing Remote Data
20.4 Designing Visual FoxPro Client/Server Applications

OLE Drag-and-Drop

21.1 What Is OLE Drag and Drop?
21.2 The Objects Involved
21.3 Examples

Visual FoxPro and the Internet

22.1 Internet Terminology
22.2 What Is HTML?
22.3 Publishing Visual FoxPro Data on the Internet
Appendix: Saving As HTML

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Your Instructor

Jim Booth is your instructor for Microsoft Visual FoxPro 6.0 Professional Training via CD-ROM™. Jim is a FoxPro developer with over 19 years of application analysis and design experience. He has spoken at industry conferences worldwide. Jim has written articles for FoxTalk and FoxPro Advisor, and is the co-author of Visual FoxPro 3.0 Unleashed (Sams Publishing), Using Visual FoxPro 6.0 (Que), and Effective Techniques for Application Development with Visual FoxPro 6.0 (Hentzenwerke). Jim is a technical editor for Using Visual FoxPro 3.0 (Que) and Database Design for Mere Mortals (Addison Wesley).

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