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Exploring Mobile Development
with Ken Getz

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Although each of the major mobile platforms (Apple's iOS, Microsoft's WIndows Phone 7, and Google's Android) has its own native development language and platform, developing for all three would require mastering a different language and set of tools for each.

Course includes 7+ hours of total training time...

  • 7 modules of training
  • Over 10 hours of media run time
  • Sample code
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Exploring Mobile Development



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Course Outline(Outlines are subject to change.)

Exploring Mobile Development

Modules Run Time
7 10 hours

Although each of the major mobile platforms (Apple's iOS, Microsoft's Windows Phone 7, and Google's Android) has its own native development language and platform, developing for all three would require mastering a different language and set of tools for each. You can take advantage of a language you already know (C#) and even share code between your development projects on the three platforms with careful planning. Taking advantage of MonoTouch (for iOS) and Mono Android (for Android), you can create applications for all three platforms using C#. In this course, you'll get started developing a common, simple mobile application for each of the three platforms--you'll learn to interact with Yahoo's Flickr web service, retrieving lists of photo sets, then selecting and displaying a single photo. Along the way, you'll learn what you need to install to build applications for each platform. You'll learn about calling REST services and how to work with the service asynchronously on each platform. You'll learn create simple applications that allow users to navigate from one view to another, and you'll learn enough about coding for each platform to get started.

In this course, you will learn:
  • Learn about the tools you need to develop applications for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7
  • Use your existing C# skills to build a simple application for each of the three platforms
  • Call a REST web service hosted by Yahoo's Flickr service
  • Investigate simple user interface basics for each of the three platforms
  • Interact with platform-specific mobile device emulators
  • Use MonoTouch and MonoDevelop to develop applications for iOS
  • Use Mono Android and Visual Studio 2010 to develop applications for Android
  • Use Visual Studio 2010 to develop applications for Windows Phone 7.
Prerequisites :

This course assumes that you are comfortable developing applications using Visual Studio 2010 and C#. Mono Android requires Visual Studio 2010 Professional or higher (and will not work with Visual Studio Express editions).

  • Learn about Mobile Development, in General
  • Introduce the Various Required Tools
  • Work with the Flickr Web Service
  • Build a Simple Console Application that Calls the Flickr Service
  • Build a Simple Silverlight Application that Uses Shared Code and Asynchronous Behavior to Call the Flickr.
Building Applications for Android
  • What is Android?
  • Pick Development Platform
  • Investigate Prerequisites
  • Find Useful Online Resources
  • Android Application Components
  • Activities, Views, Widgets
  • Use the TextView
  • Create Layout in XML
  • Create More Complex Demo
  • Work Through Form Stuff Demo
  • Display a List Using the ListView
  • Work with Images
  • Navigate Between Activities
  • Build and Android Flickr Demo
Building iOS Applications
  • Prerequisites: First and Foremost, an Inte-Based Mac
  • Introducing MonoTouch/MonoDevelop
  • Registering with Apple to Develop Applications
  • Why not Objective C?
  • Provisioning a Device
  • Of Course, The Hello, World Application
  • Using the AppDelegate Class
  • Working with Interface Builder, and Without
  • Working with Views: UIView, UIWebView, UIToolbar, UIPickerView
  • View Controllers wand UINavigationController
  • Working with Tables
  • Build the iOS Flickr Demo
Building Windows Phone 7 Applications
  • Investigate Windows Phone 7 Features
  • Learn About Pre-Requisites for Development
  • Getting the Tools and Extras
  • Comparing Silverlight and XNA for Developing Windows Phone 7 Applications
  • The Obligatory Hello, World Application and its XAML Markup
  • Basic Introduction to XAML
  • XAML Controls, Markup Extensions, Type Converters, Binding
  • Content and Grid Controls, Layou Controls
  • Displaying Bound Data
  • Navigating Between Pages
  • Pushing Properties to a New Page
  • Build the Windows Phone 7 Flickr Demo

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Your Instructor

Ken Getz is a Microsoft MVP, nationally renowned speaker and best-selling author who specializes in programming with Visual C# and Visual Basic. He is the author and presenter of some of most popular courses (click here for list of courses). Ken is a senior consultant with MCW Technologies and the author or co-author of several best-selling books. He is a member of the INETA Speaker Bureau and is a frequent speaker at user groups and at technical conferences worldwide including Tech-Ed, VSLive and DevConnections. Ken is also a technical editor for Advisor Guide to Microsoft Access and Advisor Guide to Microsoft Visual Basic and is a columnist for both CoDe Magazine and MSDN Magazine.

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