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Exploring SQL Server 2008
with Don Kiely

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This course looks at many of the new features within Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and will give you a first look at Microsoft’s new powerful database server.

Course includes 8 hours of total training time...

  • 8 modules of training
  • Over 8 hours of media run time
  • Step-by-step hands-on-labs
  • Sample code
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Exploring SQL Server 2008

 8 CD-ROMs



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Course Outline (Outlines are subject to change.)
Exploring SQL Server 2008

Sessions Run Time
8 8 hours

This course looks at many of the new features within Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and will give you a first look at Microsoft’s new powerful database server. You will learn about new T-SQL data types and syntax enhancements, see how to store and manipulate unstructured data, and learn about the SQL CLR and new advances in client data access. You’ll also take a first look at the new Visual Studio Team System Edition 2008 for Database Professional, and check out the new and improved administrative features in PowerShell, security, FullText search, and many more.

In this course you will learn...
  • Use the new features in Management Studio for administering a database, creating objects, and writing and debugging code.
  • Apply what's new in Integration Services, Reporting Services, Service Broker and Analysis Services.
  • Install or upgrade from an earlier version of SQL Server.
  • Use the new data types, including spatial data and heirarchyID.
  • Apply Sparse columns and column sets to effect databases size.
  • Exploit Table-valued parameters.
  • Use Grouping sets to streamline complex GROUP BY clauses.
  • Utilize the MERGE statement to perform multiple operations in a single statement.
  • Make use of enhancements to SQLCLR code.
  • Utilize Visual Studio 2008 Team System for Database Professionals, or Data Dude, to build database projects.
  • Operate newly integrated Full-Text Search.

Introduction to SQL Server 2008

  • Overview
  • New Features Across the Server
  • Deprecated and Discontinued Features
  • SQL Server 2008 Feature Pack
  • Installing SQL Server 2008
T-SQL Enhancements
  • New T-SQL Data Types
  • T-SQL Syntax
  • Sparse Columns and Column Sets
  • Table-Valued Parameters
  • Grouping Sets
  • MERGE Statement
  • Storing and Manipulating Unstructured Data
  • Client Data Access
  • Client Programming
  • Occasionally Connected Applications
  • Team System Edition for Database Professionals
Administrator Features for Developers
  • Indexed Search Across Rich Data Types
  • Integrated FullText Search
  • PowerShell
  • Security
  • Others

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Your Instructor

Don Kiely has been using and programming computers since the mid-1970s, when he first punched IBM punch cards for batch processing to solve engineering problems. Now Don is a nationally recognized author, instructor and consultant who travels the country sharing his expertise in SQL Server and security. He has written business software using assembly, C/C++, dBASE, Nantucket Clipper, RPG II, C#, and Visual Basic for a variety of industries, and has taught software and business administration courses at community colleges. Now Don is an author and a consultant for a variety of companies that develop distributed applications for public and private organizations. Don is also the author or coauthor of several programming books, and a featured speaker at SQL Server conferences.

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