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Microsoft SharePoint 2007: Business Processes
with Doug Ware

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Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 provides a wealth of services that you can use, customize, and extend to augment and streamline your business processes. This course covers these features and teaches you how to build on them to create business solutions. More...

This course ships immediately with the full 10+ hours of instructor-led training media. Courseware, labs, code and exams for this course will be available upon completion.

Course includes 30+ hours of total training time...

  • 8 modules of training
  • Over 10 hours of media run time
  • Over 500 pages of printable courseware
  • Step-by-step hands-on-labs
  • Sample code
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SharePoint 2007: Business Processes



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Read about Doug Ware and Matt Ranlett.

Course Outline(Outlines are subject to change.)

Microsoft SharePoint 2007: Business Processes

Modules Run Time Pages
8 10 hours 500

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 provides a wealth of services that you can use, customize, and extend to augment and streamline your business processes. This course covers these features and teaches you how to build on them to create business solutions. The beginning of the course orients you with the built-in capabilities and teaches how to customize them using SharePoint Designer. From there you will learn how to create custom forms using both ASP.NET and InfoPath. The last half of the course teaches how to build custom workflows in SharePoint using Visual Studio and covers sequential workflows, state machines, tasks, and custom workflow forms using both ASP.NET and InfoPath.

In this course, you will learn to:
  • Use standard SharePoint lists, alerts and libraries for simple automation.
  • Build no-code workflows with SharePoint Designer and how to create custom Designer activities.
  • Create and modify list forms using SharePoint Designer, InfoPath, and Visual Studio.
  • Use InfoPath form libraries.
  • Use InfoPath forms in Office 2007.
  • Use the SharePoint object model to associate workflow templates and start workflow instances.
  • Create sequential workflows, state machines, and custom workflow activity libraries.
  • Use tasks in workflows.
  • Create four types of workflow forms using ASP.NET and InfoPath
Introduction - Out of the Box BPA
  • Understanding Business Process Automation
  • Using Task Lists
  • Creating and Using Alerts
  • Out of the Box Workflows
SharePoint Designer Workflows
  • Understanding the Workflow Designer
  • Defining Steps Using Conditions and Actions
  • Using Lookups and Dynamic Routing
  • Creating Forms and Using Variables
  • Extending SharePoint Designer with Custom Activities
SharePoint and ASP.NET Forms
  • Modifying List Forms Using SharePoint Designer
  • Creating Custom Applications with SharePoint Designer
  • Creating Custom ASP.NET Pages with Visual Studio
InfoPath Forms
  • Creating InfoPaths Forms
  • Using Form Libraries and Data Connection Libraries
  • Using InfoPath Forms in Office 2007
Workflow Development Basics
  • Using Visual Studio to Create Custom Workflows
  • Associating Workflow Templates with Lists Using Code
  • Starting Workflows Using Code
  • Using the SharePoint Object Model to Pass Association and Startup Data to a Workflow
Creating Custom Workflows
  • Creating Sequential Workflows
  • Creating State Machine Workflows
  • Handling Faults and Cancelled Workflows
  • Creating Custom Workflow Activities
Tasks and Workflows
  • Use the Task Activities
  • Understand and Use Correlation Tokens
  • Use Tasks in State Machine Workflows
  • Handle Multiple Tasks in Parallel or in a Sequence
  • Create and Use Custom Task Types
Workflow Forms
  • Understand the Differences between InfoPath and ASP.NET Workflow Forms
  • Create and Use an InfoPath Association Form
  • Create and Use an InfoPath Task Form
  • Create and Use an ASP.NET Initiation Form
  • Create and Use an ASP.NET Modification Form

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Your Instructor
Doug Ware, Senior Trainer for DUNN Training, has been developing with, and helping others understand, Microsoft tools since picking up Visual Basic 3.0 in 1994. He spent most of the 1990ís developing applications with Microsoft Office and was an MVP for Microsoft Access from 1998 to 2000. He is the leader of the Atlanta .NET User Group, one of the largest user groups in the Southeast U.S., and is a frequent speaker at code camps and other events. In addition to teaching and writing about SharePoint, Doug stays active as a consultant and has helped numerous organizations implement and customize SharePoint as owner and founder of eLumenotion. Doug is also the creator of the popular eLumenotion SharePoint Skinner tool for creation of SharePoint themes.

Matt Ranlett is a SharePoint Server MVP and has been a fixture of the .NET developer community for many years. Matt has formed and leads several user groups, works on local and national community activities, organizes Code Camps, is on the INETA Board of Directors as the Vice President of Technology, and appears in several Pod Casts.

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