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 PMB-OK4: PMI Project Management Professional (PMBOKv4)

The power of the CareerSaver SkillSaver Software System is in identifying your strengths and weaknesses, then adapting the program to meet your needs. The adaptive nature of our testing engine keeps questions that you find difficult in the forefront, focusing your efforts on the material you need to master in order to become proficient. As you learn and master the testing objectives, this program learns about you. It determines what you know, but more importantly it recognizes what you donít know. By forcing you to focus on your weaknesses, we will help you master the material in half the time. Guaranteed!

The SkillSaver Software System (Online Version) Features Ė diagnostics, practice tests, print options, note taking, review features, simulations, study guides, and simulated exams.

Access our top-notch expert team by emailing Within hours, someone who has all of the answers and is able to solve even the most complex problems will contact you. Communicate with the well-known authors, professors, and technical experts who create our programs. We provide you with answers to your questions about how our products work, and our experts will answer all questions and comments that pertain to the program that you are working with. Here at ISS we strive to provide the utmost in customer care, and your satisfaction is our goal. Have a question? Having problems? We are here to help!

Our Audio series are filled with lessons, lectures, and questions and answers, followed by the explanations where applicable. Our CareerSaver Audio CDs allow you to enhance your learning process and turn down time into study time. Our clients utilize their daily commute time to maximize studying, and turn time at the gym or a daily walk into another learning session.

Project Management Professional

PMP Exam Cram, Fourth Edition, is the perfect study guide to help you pass the 2009 PMP Exam. It provides coverage and practice questions for every exam topic. The book contains an extensive set of preparation tools such as quizzes and Exam Alerts, while the CD-ROM provides real-time practice and feedback.

Covers the critical information youíll need to know to score higher on your exam!

  • Lesson 1-Project Management Introduction
  • Lesson 2-Project Initiation and Creating the Charter
  • Lesson 3-Change Control
  • Lesson 4-Scope Planning
  • Lesson 5-Time Management Planning - Part I
  • Lesson 6-Time Management Planning - Part II
  • Lesson 7-Cost Management Planning
  • Lesson 8-Quality Management
  • Lesson 9-Human Resource Management
  • Lesson 10-Communication Management
  • Lesson 11-Risk Management - Part I
  • Lesson 12-Risk Management - Part II
  • Lesson 13-Procurement Management
  • Lesson 14-Integration and Quality Management Execution
  • Lesson 15-HR Management Execution
  • Lesson 16-Communication Management Execution
  • Lesson 17-Procurement Execution
  • Lesson 18-Integration Monitoring and Controlling
  • Lesson 19-Scope Management Monitoring and Controlling
  • Lesson 20-Time and Cost Management Monitoring and Controlling
  • Lesson 21-Quality Monitoring and Controlling
  • Lesson 22-Communication Monitoring and Controlling
  • Lesson 23-Risk Monitoring and Controlling
  • Lesson 24-Procurement Monitoring and Controlling
  • Lesson 25-Project Closure
  • Lesson 26-Certification Next Steps
Additional Software includes:
  • 200 Practice questions
  • Detailed explanation of correct and incorrect answers
  • Coverage of each PMP exam topic
  • Free online edition of the entire book
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