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Wintrac offers top quality Java training with a unique combination of great instructors, delivery options, and a learning environment that clearly distinguishes it from other companies. Our Java training allow theoretical concepts to be reinforced with extensive hands-on labs. The design of our Java training allows us to offer both standard and custom courses that meet our client's needs.

Wintrac instructors are among the best of the best. Typical Wintrac instructors average more than 15 years of technical and hands-on experience in the software disciplines they teach. They combine hands-on consulting work with teaching to ensure that their knowledge is not purely academic. Many of them are frequent consultants and speakers at conferences and tradeshows. They are excellent communicators and bring an unmatched enthusiasm for teaching.

Wintrac provides high quality customized, affordable onsite Java training and does not provide public enrollment classes. Wintrac Java training can be cost effective for even small groups of 2-3 people. Our Java courses can be customized for your needs. Experienced instructors can address problems and issues specific to your company. We can use your facilities or arrange for training facilities in your area. Please contact us by email or call us at 503-259-0312 for more details and a FREE evaluation of your training needs.

Java Curriculum Guide

Wintrac offers a comprehensive curriculum of courses in Java and J2EE topics. Starting with a course in Java programming itself, students can move to training in different areas of interest: J2SE Core, J2SE Desktop, J2ME, J2EE, and XML/Web Services.

The following maps provide an overview of the curriculum. Each area is summarized, and courses are listed. Click on a particular course for a detailed outline.

Java Programming

IIn this area we offer courses in Java SE (standard edition) programming. These are the skills that are fundamental to all other Java development pursuits. We offer two main starting points:

  • For experienced programmers of C, C++ and other Java-like languages, "Java Programming," provides thorough training in Java, including structured and object-oriented concepts and techniques, and including key features of the Core API such as collections and streams.
  • For those less experienced programmers, or for people with experience in languages that are not much like Java - COBOL, PL/SQL, scripting languages - we provide a combination of courses:"Introduction to Java," provides a more gradual introduction to Java, "Intermediate Java Programming," assures that students learn the same complete set of skills and APIs.
From this basis - students can proceed to advanced Java by way of Course "Advanced Java Programming", or design patterns with course "Design Patterns in Java Software", consider secure development practice in course "Java Development for Secure Systems" , or move to other areas of the curriculum.

Introduction to Java Programming Rev. 8.0

Java Programming Rev. 8.0

Intermediate Java Programming Rev. 8.0

Migrating to Java 8

Advanced Java Programming

Java Development for Secure Systems Rev. 6.0

JDBC Programming

Java Foundation Classes

Design Patterns in Java Software

Introduction to Java Testing

Which version of Java do I want?

The Java language has undergone a significant transformation with the release of Java 5.0, and it is important to match the version used in training to the version that will be practiced. See "Java Versions and Terminology Demystified" for help on this.


This area covers technology specified in the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition, including Java Servlets, JSP, JSF, JMS, and EJB. We also offer courses in some of the most popular open-source application frameworks, such as Struts and Spring -- these extend the features of Java EE and facilitate practical application development while adhering to Java EE standards.

J2EE Standards

These courses present the Java Enterprise standards, including servlets, JSP, JSTL, and JSF for web applications; the Java Message Service, and Enterprise JavaBeans. All courses run using the appropriate reference implementations: for web technology this is the Tomcat web container, and for JMS and EJB it is the Java EE SDK from Sun Microsystems.

Overview of J2EE Development

JavaServer Pages

Java Servlets

Developing Java Web Applications

Introduction to JSP

The JSP Standard Tag Library

JavaServer Faces Rev 2.0

The Java Message Service

Securing Java Web Applications (Version 7.0)

Secure Java Web Development

The Java Persistence API

JPA with Hibernate

Java EE Persistence

Java EE Persistence with Hibernate

Enterprise JavaBeans

Open-Source Frameworks

This area covers some of the most popular open-source application frameworks, including the Android mobile OS and web frameworks such as Struts and Spring.

The Struts Framework

Inroduction to Spring

Spring-MVC Web Applications

Java Persistence with Spring

Spring Security

Developing RESTful Services with Spring

Introduction to Android Development

Intermediate Android Development

Android Development

Securing Android Applications

XML and Java

This area includes training in XML technology that requires a programming language, such as parsing, triggering transformations programmatically, binding, and Web services. The most popular choices are:
  • Course "XML Programming Using Java", which covers JAXP for SAX, DOM, and XSLT, and also the JAXB API for generating Java bindings based on an XML Schema
  • Course "Developing Java Web Services", which gives an overview of the architecture for interoperable Web services and teaches students how to build SOAP/WSDL services and clients using Java APIs such as SAAJ and JAX-RPC

XML Programming Using Java

Overview of Java Web Services

Developing SOAP Web Services in Java

Securing Java Web Services

Developing RESTful Services Using Java

Developing Java Web Services

Other Java Courses
Java Foundations
Fast Track to Java 17 and OO Development
Java Modules and New Features (Java 11+)
Intermediate/Advanced Java (Java 11+)
Fast Track to Java 11 and OO Development
Java Testing with JUnit 5
Intermediate/Advanced Java 8
Using Java 8's New Features
Fast Track to Java™ 8 and OO Development
Gentle Java™ and OO Development
Fast Track to Java™ 7 and OO Development
Fast Track to Java™ 5 / Java 6 and OO Development
Fast Track to Java™ for OO Developers
Intermediate Java™ and OO Development
Advanced Java™ Language Topics
Practical Java™ Language Topics
JDBC - Java Database Connectivity
Java Open Source Technologies
Introduction to Spring 5
Introduction to Spring 5, Spring Boot, and Spring REST
Introduction to Spring 5, Spring MVC, and Spring REST
Introduction to Spring Boot 2
Introduction to Spring 5 and JPA2
Fast Track to Spring and JPA2
Introduction to Spring 4, Spring MVC, and Spring REST
Introduction to Spring Batch
Fast Track to Spring 4
Fast Track to Spring and Hibernate
Fast Track to Spring 3
Fast Track to Spring 3 and Spring MVC / Web Flow
Fast Track to Spring 2.x
Fast Track to Spring 2.x and Spring Web Flow 2
Fast Track to Hibernate: Using Hibernate For Java Database Access
AJAX for Java Developers
Fast Track to Jakarta Struts
Java EE (Enterprise) Technologies
Developing Java EE Web Applications (JEE6/JEE7), plus JPA and REST
Fast Track to EJB 3.2 (JEE 7 level) and JPA2
Fast Track to SOA, Java® Web Services (JAX-WS) and JAX-RS (REST)
Fast Track to Enterprise JavaBeans 3.1 (EJB3) and the Java Persistence API V2 (JPA2)
Java Enterprise Edition (EE 6)
Fast Track to the Java Persistence API Version 2
Fast Track to JavaServer Faces 2 (JSF 2) : Using JSF 2 to Build JEE Web Apps
Fast Track to SOA and Java® Web Services (JAX-WS)
Fast Track to Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 (EJB 3)
Fast Track to Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 (EJB3) and the Java Persistence API (JPA)
Fast Track to Servlets/JSP
Fast Track to Java EE 5 with Servlets, JSP & JDBC
Fast Track to JavaServer Faces (JSF) : Using JSF to Build J2EE Web Apps
IBM Rational Application Developer (RAD) Based Courses
Fast Track to the Java Persistence API Version 2 (JPA 2) Using RAD
Fast Track to JavaServer Faces 2 (JSF 2) : Using JSF 2 to Build JEE Web Apps Using RAD
Gentle Java™ and OO Development Using RAD
Fast Track to Java™ 5 / Java 6 and OO Development Using RAD
Intermediate Java™ and OO Development Using RAD
JDBC - Java Database Connectivity Using RAD
Fast Track to Servlets/JSP Using RAD
Fast Track to Jakarta Struts Using RAD
Fast Track to JavaServer Faces (JSF) Using RAD
AJAX for Java Developers Using RAD

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